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About Us

Virtual Education & Student Improvement Community.

VESICOMM is a platform that leverages on modern technologies in providing accessible, quality affordable and on the go education online and offline.
Our mission is to simplify learning and improve learning outcomes through impactful learning models, using visual illustrative technologies.
We aim to become the best digital education provider in Africa in the next 5 years.
We assist students and lecturers to attain success by providing flexible and affordable learning contents from multiple tutors.

We expose students and lecturers in our community to international audience and create additional income through our "Learn-n-earn" program.
Our mentorship program provides users mentorship opportunities from renowned industry captains, higher recruitment rates by coveted firms through our highly vetted recruitment platform.
Through our partnerships with key education advisory firms, high performing students and lecturers in our community will be assisted in securing scholarships the world over.
In addition to our highly secured blockchain transcript repository, we also prospect educational research works for commercialization through our community crowd funding program.









Why Choose VESICOMM?

VESICOMM offers valued learning experience.
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VESICOMM is a community of over 8 million prospective students from different tertiary institutions higher across Africa.
Our shared business model is designed to empower tutors by creating a healthy income source through their lecturing passion and skills.
Our platform algorithm is competitive driven as tutors are ranked by learners and other tutors. This determines the incentives received by each tutor.
The Intellectual properties of our tutors; voice, video and written contents are vetted to meet required standard and protected by our blockchain technology.


We provide personalized learning and mentorship programs through affordable access to high quality educational contents for simplified learning experience across all disciplines.
Our technology and management programs equips our learners for life in the corporate world and increases their employability ratings.
Our scholarship programs and annual competitions are designed to encourage high performance. Our tutors are the best in their fields with multiple years of lecturing and career experience.


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Our Team

Okechukwu Azubuike Obinna

Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Okonkwo Vincent Obinna

Co-Founder/Chief Operations Officer

John Ejike Ibekwe


Amanda Jepson